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Jazz Up Your Dog’s Collar

Jazz Up Your Dog’s Collar

Candy Collar

I love my dog Kennedy. He is a 5 year old 20 pound yorkshire terrier. Dogs like him should be dressed up and carried in a fancy handbag. But at his size, I would have to carry him in a duffle bag. Dressing him up is almost impossible. He would find a way to wiggle out of his clothes or stand completly still to protest the attire I forced on him. I still want him to look cute but needed a way to dress him up where he won’t feel uncomfortable. Along came the candy collar.

This little dog deserves a bow tie. To my surprise, he didn’t fight me at all. This handsome and stylish boy is wearing his bow tie with pride. Now you can make your own bow tie or flower for your little pooch.


1. Cut a strip of fabric of your choice. 7 inches long. The width or thickness depends on what kind of dog you have. I used a 7×3. Fold the fabric in half and sew it together. Adjust the piece so that the inseam is on the back and is positioned in the middle.

2. Fold the piece in half so that the back inseam is on the inside. Sew the ends together.

3. Trim off any excess fabric after attaching the ends. This makes the bow look cleaner.

4. Sew a second piece that is 3×1.

5. This is going to be the middle tie.

6. Trim off the excess fabric. Leave enough room to slide the dog collar through. Keep in mind that dog collars vary in size and thickness. Only cut enough to fit the collar. Sew the ends of the tie piece together.

7. Pinch and sew the bow together in the middle.

8. Slide the tie through the bow. Use a glue gun to secure the tie in the middle of the bow.

9. Insert the collar through the tie opening and the bow tie should display on the outside of the collar.

If your dog is a lady then give her a flower on her collar instead.

1. Cut a strip of fabric 10 inches long and fold in half.  Sew along the sides but do not sew the ends.

2. Thread a needle and start weaving the needle through fabric along the seam line.

3. As the needle makes its way to the middle of the fabric piece, pull the thread tightly so that the fabric could bunch together forming a wavy flower. After the mid point, start layering the fabric on the second tier giving it a layered look.

4. At the end of the piece, fold the end and sew it to lock in the fabric. This keeps it from fraying and gives it an aesthetic appeal.

5. Secure the loose end to the middle of the flower and knot the end of the thread. Trim off excess thread.

6. Secure the two layers by sewing from the bottom up.

7. Sew on a button of your choice.

8. Take a 2×1 fabric and sew in half the same way as #1. Sew the ends together. Trim off the excess fabric. Leave enough room in the loop so the dog collar could slide through. Use a glue gun to secure the loop and the back of the flower together.

9. Insert the collar through the opening and the flower should display on the outside of the collar.

Now your little pooch can have their own little accessories to change out every day. This sure beats fighting Kennedy to put on a shirt.


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