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Handcrafted Thank You Cards

Handcrafted Thank You Cards

First, there was Hallmark to express the warmest appreciation for selective occasions. Now, there are the handcrafted “Thank You” cards that is personalized for every occasion. These delicate and handmade cards can be found on Etsy and paper boutiques. What I like about it is that it’s chic, unique, and made with care to show appreciation in the most exclusive way.  Each design is either a limited edition or it can be customized just for you.

To obtain these handcrafted cards, you can visit Etsy to see the creative assortment of personalized Thank You cards. I found some cute cards that are not pricey at all. But if you are purchasing cards to thank your wedding guests then it might get pricey depending on the quantity you need.

If you or someone you know have the electronic paper cutting machine like the Cricut Expression or Expression 2 then you are well on your way to making personal handcrafted cards of all sorts.   Like I’ve said on previous posts. It’s a very good investment if you are obsessed with paper and DIY items like I am. See my previous post Sweet Gemini Cricut.


The picture above are the rustic Thank You cards I handmade for my sister. I used the Cricut Creative Cards cartridge to punch out the pennants using decorative card stocks or scrapbook paper. The machine and cartridge has so many options that I will be crafting personalized cards to send to family and friends the warmest wishes for the upcoming  holiday season. So be on the lookout for my cards with my signature on the back. After all, every card is exclusive and always have that personal touch by yours truly.

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