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Chocolate Bacon Popcorn

Chocolate Bacon Popcorn

The latest food trend for 2014 has a strange name. It’s called “mutant morsels”. This phenomenon is sweeping the world by storm. It is a mash-up of familiar favorites to achieve an unexpected fusion. The hybrid of flavors will arouse your taste buds and your curiosity.  For example, the “cronut”, ramen noodle burger and chocolate covered bacon are the next best thing out of New York City, a foodie’s paradise. I have attempted the “cronut”. I will conquer the ramen noodle burger soon enough.  But for now, I’m fusing sweet and rich chocolate with salty and crispy bacon into the most popular movie snack – popcorn! It’s so good, it’s sinful.

chocolate and bacon popcorn in a bowl

Chocolate Bacon Popcorn

1. Fry 6 strips of thick cut bacon, chop into bits

2. Pop a bag of microwave popcorn

3. Melt 4 ounces of dark chocolate

4. Pour the melted chocolate over the fresh popped popcorn

5. Sprinkle bacon bits into the chocolate and popcorn mix while chocolate is still melted, toss it up

6. Put in a DVD, grab a throw blanket,  jump on the couch and enjoy movie night with your new found treat!

chocolate and bacon popcorn





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