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Leftover Turkey Hash

Leftover Turkey Hash

Thanksgiving dinner is over. You spent all day cooking and the meal was perfect. Your family is happy and so are you. Now you have some leftover turkey. What can you make with a cup of leftover turkey?

Sure, a turkey sandwich would be nice the next day. But you have a family to feed and little time to cook the morning after Thanksgiving. After all, it’s Black Friday and you have some heavy duty holiday shopping to do.  That means to fix your family a hearty breakfast so you can spend the whole day shopping.

Leftover Turkey Sweet Potato Hash Turkey Sweet Potato Hash

With minimal leftover turkey, you can feed your whole family by making leftover turkey hash. Instead of traditional potatoes, try it with sweet potatoes cooked on a cast iron skillet. It’s a hearty and filling meal.  This sweet potato hash recipe is amazing and your family will enjoy Thanksgiving turkey the second go-around.

How to make turkey sweet potato hash


2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed
half yellow onion, chopped
McCormick’s steak seasoning
3 tablespoons sweet cream butter
Leftover turkey, sliced
Rosemary for garnish


Using a cast iron skillet, add onions, sweet potatoes, steak seasoning and sweet cream. Stir until sweet potatoes are cooked and golden. Add turkey and stir until hot. Garnish with rosemary.

Leftover turkey breakfast hashWhat to do with leftover turkey

You will find that there won’t me anymore leftovers after this meal.

Good Turkey Hash

Happy shopping!

Chan Vu

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