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Sweet and Savory Peppermint Treats

Sweet and Savory Peppermint Treats

Check Thanksgiving off your to-do list because the biggest holiday of the year is here…Christmas! I long to fill the house with the warm aroma of holiday sweetness! As my siblings randomly drops by, I want to be ready for them with treats waiting in the cookie jars. One of those jars will contain my sweet and savory peppermint treats.

The first treat is a silky white chocolate cups with salted almonds.

Salted Almonds inside sweet white chocolates Salted Almonds with White Chocolate Peppermint Crumbs

In a mini muffin pan,  I filled the mini cupcake liners with 5 salted almonds. Next, I poured melted Ghirardelli white chocolate into the cups. Then, I sprinkled crushed soft peppermints on top. Tap the tray a little to let all that melted chocolate sink to the bottom of the cups. Let it cool completely and it’s ready to serve.

The pretzel are just as wonderful. I hand dipped the mini pretzels half-way into melted white chocolate. Then, I dipped it into soft crushed peppermints on the chocolate side. Finally, I let it cool on a sheet of wax paper.

White Chocolate Dipped PretzelsWhite Chocolatemini pretzels in white chocolate peppermintHomemade holiday treats

Both of these treats are simple and delicious. Now that I have a jar full of this sweet and savory combo, I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the yummy goodness with my family and friends.



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