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Hometown USA: Lawrenceville, GA

Hometown USA: Lawrenceville, GA

My home is in Georgia. Although I was born in a land far far away, Georgia has been the only home I’ve ever known. Growing up, I’ve lived in various metro cities surrounding Atlanta. When I moved to Lawrenceville three years ago, I felt like I was in the outskirts for the first time.

The open land, country-style homes and neighborly southern accent makes it a hometown USA original. Seeing goats and horses while on a short drive to the grocery store is the norm. The Lawrencville town square resembles the fictitious town of Hill Valley, California from Back to the Future. Yep, it’s literally a square with a small park in the middle. There is even a clock tower that chimes every hour.

The square in LawrencevilleHistoric Lawrenceville

The people are truly amazing. Friendly and hospitable the way southerners are raised. You can’t walk by a person without exchanging salutations. Hang out here enough and everybody knows your name.

Local shops and resturants

Along the square is my favorite local gastropub called Local Republic where they serve farm-to-table meals and limited edition craft beer.  This rustic space was once a service station. Now, this place is crawling with local foodies every night.

Local Republic at sunsetRustic Local Republic

My favorite items on the menu is EVERYTHING. I just love local good food. The service is what you would expect from a southern town and then some.

IMG_0174a QuailSimple blueberry spinach salad

Lawrenceville is not famous nor has it been put on the map. It’s just a place I call home; somewhere in hometown USA.

Sunset in Historic Lawrenceville GA


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