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DIY Tulle Skirt

DIY Tulle Skirt

It’s so clear I am not a fashion blogger. I have no idea what is the latest style trend and I wouldn’t dare advise anyone to wear plaid with glitter. All I know is what I like and what look goes well with my body. I’m 5’5 and a little on the curvy side. OK, a lot. I like to keep it safe with my figure. My style has always been classic but it really depends on the occasion.

For a night out, I enjoy some pizzazz like sequin, fuchsia and tulle. I heard tulle is super stylish right now but the big ruffle may be fashion suicide for my full figure. But I love it so much!

Oh, YOLO! For New Year’s Eve, I decided to go for the tulle look. I’m going to make my own tulle skirt. It’s a one time wear so I won’t feel bad spending too much on it. A DIY tulle skirt only cost about $15 in supplies. If I fail, I can tell people it is my NYE costume. *wink*

I searched a dozen videos on YouTube and this is what I like and used for my DIY tulle skirt. The instructions from Modamob was super easy. I used pink tulle and a white elastic band to make my skirt.

How to sew a tulle skirt

Like all tulle, it’s way too sheer. I added a matching pink lining to keep my business under the skirt.

Once the skirt was done, I found the perfect white elastic belt with pazzazz to add the finishing touch. I’m so happy with the turnout. The high belt line made my body look smaller. As long as I wear high heels with this skirt I don’t look so puffy and round.

How to make a tulle skirtDIY Tulle Skirt

Not bad for my first homemade NYE outfit.

Happy 2015!



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  1. This is a great DIY. I fell in love with these tulle skirts by Belle Tulle, but they're so expensive. I'd love to try this DIY and make my own!

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