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Starbucks Flat White

Starbucks Flat White

If you’ve read most of my posts, you could conclude that I am a coffee connoisseur.  Some would say I am a coffee addict and caffeine does not have an effect on me. That part is true. I drink it mostly for the flavor.

I aspire to try famous coffee from around the world. Cafe au lait from France, espresso from Italy, cubano from Cuba, cà phê sữa đá from Vietnam and now flat white from Australia.

Starbucks Coffee

This week, Starbucks introduced the flat white coffee beverage on its menu. The flat white was introduced by the folks from down under. It got its name the same way Americans take their coffee. Black or with milk which in this case, white. Flat white means plain with milk. Duh.

Starbucks New Flat White

How does a flat white compare to a latte? Well, they say it’s not foam but micro bubbles. Yea, you can read about that on Google. But here is my opinion. I favor the flat white over a latte because it’s smoother, creamier and coffee-er. There you go folks. The flat white tastes more like coffee than milk. So why not order a latte instead? Because every country has its claim to fame and this one belongs to Australia and New Zealand. Culture wins.

Will the flat white be a hit? Honestly, I don’t know.  Starbucks took a chance with this favorite from down under so they must have all the data and figures to make this kind of decision. They are very good at the service they provide so I can guess that the flat white will be around for a while. Now if only the cà phê sữa đá could show up on the menu, I’d be psyched.

Will the flat white coffee come in any other size but 12 oz? That’s not even a tall cup. It’s a “tande” for between tall and grande. Calm down. I know Americans drink coffee by the gallon, myself included. Sometimes, coffee is meant to be savored and enjoyed. If you want the Aussie experience, drink it from a 5.5 oz cup the way a flat white was intended. In America, a “tande” is a good compromise.

Flat White from Starbucks

I’m glad Starbucks has taken the international approach for its menu. Last year, it was the introduction of La Boulange pastries and this year, the flat white. I love the blend and it no longer label Starbucks as an American culture but a global culture.



Flat White Coffee

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