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Local Fave – Mac Lab

Local Fave – Mac Lab

There’s a new French-style cafe and bakery in town. The news of Mac Lab’s opening is radiating through metro Atlanta. Husband and wife team Jack and Lan are local pastry chefs professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America but passionately driven by food and culture. Their love for travel and taste for ingredients indigenous to each region inspired the creation of Mac Lab.


Mac Lab is short for Macaron Lab.  Baking is a science and Lan is the genius behind the exotic macarons at Mac Lab. Where else can you enjoy extraordinary rose &  lychee, passion fruit and black sesame macarons all in one sitting? Lan’s black sesame crème brûlée is exquisite. She introduces a unique blend of ingredients and flavors like the brioche donut and pâte à choux stuffed with green tea chantilly topped with crunchy craquelin. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s time you try real French pastries.


Jack’s viennoiseries occupy the other side of the counter. From croissants to sourdough, his baked goods are made from his own unique yeast strain to better the fermentation process.  He cultivates his own yeast to produce better flavor of breads. His kitchen is truly his lab.

As for coffee, this is the place where you can order a latte with the fancy latte art. My favorite is the Mac Lab special. It has a hazelnut and vanilla blend and brewed with local Dancing Goats coffee. I already have my favorite seat picked out with my favorite coffee for my next visit. It’s  the table that says “coffee” represented by its molecular model shown below.


I have so much more respect for pastry chefs like Jack and Lan. They go beyond the ordinary to deliver the finest ingredients in baked goods. Keep an eye on these two pastry scientists because they are only getting started. Jack and Lan promised to continuously introduce new pastries to fuel your curiosity and ignite your taste buds. Stop by their Duluth bakery and try everything!

Cheers to my new local fave – Mac Lab.

Chan Vu

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  1. Their dessert is def and art and a science and you can tell they've put a lot of time, research and dedication in making their creations!

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