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Nutella Heart Pie Pops

Nutella Heart Pie Pops

I was waiting in line at Hobby Lobby and saw this book at the check-out counter. It was called Pie Pops by Carol Hilker. How amazing is that? I’ve made cake pops and thought pie pops would be fun for a Valentine’s day activity. Who doesn’t love pies especially Nutella heart pie pops?

Pie Pop book

I didn’t purchase the book but the cover was enough to inspire my next post. I stepped out of line to grab some cookie sticks and a heart shaped cookie cutter from the baking department. To make this recipe super easy, I’m using already-made puff pastry shells. Pie crust works well too.  For the filling, Nutella is the only thing I felt was right for this heart on a stick. Let’s get started.

The dough

Roll the dough out flat and thin. Add flour on both sides to prevent sticking.

Stuffing the pie

Cut heart shapes and add one teaspoon of Nutella on each heart. Place a cookie stick in the middle and close it up. Use a fork to seal the edges on both sides. Brush egg whites on the dough to get a nice golden pastry crust.

Putting your heart on a stick.

Try cutting the pie crust with stars and kisses for a variety of pops. Bake the pies on 400 degrees for 10 – 15 minutes or until the crust is golden. The puff pastries will be very puffy after it’s baked. Gently press the pastries down while it is cooling. Pick up the pies using the sticks after the pastries have cooled completely. These are so fun to eat and makes a great Valentine’s day gift.

Heart pie pops

Heart on a stick

Pie pop filled with Nutella

Nutella Kiss pie pop

Seeing stars pie pop




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