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DIY Nautical Hangers

DIY Nautical Hangers

Summer is for sailing! Whether you are going on a cruise or spending the weekend on a yatch, you want to go in style. That means dressing in vibrant colors and modern prints. To match your classy wardrobe, make some DIY nautical hangers to take with you.

You will need some wooden hangers, nautical themed scrapbook papers, mod podge, a foam brush, scissors and a pen.


On a sheet of scrapbook paper, use a pen to trace each half of the front hanger (right half and left half). Trim the scrapbook paper until it fits perfectly on the front face of the hanger. Do this for each half. You don’t need to apply scrapbook paper on the back of the hanger.


Use that first cut as a template to trace the rest of the hangers. Be sure to cut in front of the pen line.


Use a foam brush to apply a dab of Mod Podge on the hanger. Lay the scrapbook paper on one side at a time. Make sure the center paper meets to avoid gaps. (I made that mistake. See the center?)


Apply Mod Podge to the surface of the scrapbook paper to seal it in.


When the Mod Podge is dry, you are done. Take these nautical hangers with you when you travel. They will add joy and excitement each day you open your closet, get dressed and face the open sea.


Happy sailing!

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