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Upcycled Phone Cases

Upcycled Phone Cases

I have a habit of buying a new phone case every other month. I get tired of the same cover week after week. I had at least three (that I can find) phone cases that I no longer used. It’s a waste because I paid good money for these cases too. Luckily I have a Cricut paper cutting machine to give these phone cases a makeover. It’s simple and gives me a reason to reuse it. Here is how I upcycled phone cases.

Old iphone cases

This was a fun and easy weekend project that can be put together so quickly if you have a Cricut, Silhouette or any other die-cut machines. I picked out the designs I wanted, edited the size and let it cut on adhesive vinyl paper. Once the images are cut, I pulled off the excess vinyls and used transfer paper to move the images off the cutting mat while keeping it in position. Then I placed the images on the phone cases, pulled off the transfer wax paper and pressed the vinyl to stick. It’s that simple.

Fun Cricut cartridgesIMG_9245aVinyl cuts IMG_9258a Transferring VinylCricut cuts

Now, I made three upcycled phone cases. If I get bored, I can peel if off and create a new design in the future. As long as the case is clean, you can always ovelay it with a new design. Think personalized messages, holidays and fun prints. I know I’ll get bored with my phone cases.

Upcycled iphone cases

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