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Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

Every crafter has some use for a mason jar. I typically use them to store homemade sauces, leftover nuts, dried fruit, etc. My mason jars can be found in the kitchen, fridge and pantry. Surprisingly, I don’t use mason jars for craft projects as often as most people think. But that is about to change.

Holiday DIY crafts

I proudly celebrate Christmas. I went all out this year with Christmas decorations around the house. Most are DIY decorations. If only you could see what I have done! My Christmas decorations consist of rustic reds, snow whites and plenty of holiday greenery. I also love any iconic holiday themes such as reindeer, Santa and doves.

Rustic Holiday Themed Decor with mason jars, stencils and twine

One of my DIY rustic decors are these charming mason jar holiday lanterns! Woot! Woot! It has all of the holiday themes and colors I love. This DIY project was inspired by a Pinterest post I saw a while back. Of course I added my own unique touch. That is the vinyl stencils made from my Cricut Expression 2.

DIY Mason Jar Holiday Lantern projectRustic mason jar holiday lanternsDIY Holiday lanternsDIY Holiday lanterns using mason jars

These mason jar holiday lanterns are so fun and easy to make. See the steps below and call some girlfriends over for a Pinterest craft party already! They also make great host or hostess gifts.

Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns


mason jars

white acrylic craft paint

twine or ribbons

holiday vinyl stencils

paint brush


Christmas tree trimmings

holly berries or cranberries


Make-up remover towelettes


  1. Peel the adhesive holiday vinyl stencils and stick it on the mason jar. Press firmly in.
  2. Paint white acrylic craft paint over the entire jar.
  3. Let the paint dry.
  4. Peel the vinyl stencils off the mason jars. Use make-up remover towelettes to clean paint pockets or blemishes.
  5. Tie a twine or ribbon around the neck of the mason jars.
  6. Fill the jar with 2-3 tablespoons water.
  7. Add fresh pine trimmings, holly berries or cranberries into the mason jar. Make sure it submerges just enough into the water.
  8. Add a candle on top of the items in step 7. The candle should sit above the water. The water prevents the candle from catching on fire and burning the items inside.
  9. Light the candles as you wish.

WARNING: Use as display only. Do not leave candle burning unattended. Keep away from children and pets. 

Holiday craft projects Festive holiday DIY projects using mason jarsDIY Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

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