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Personalized Pillow Covers

Personalized Pillow Covers

Holiday shopping is one of the things I dread the most during the month of December. I don’t have a problem shopping for myself or standing in long lines. It’s shopping for others that stresses me out. I never know what my friends and family want or need so buying just anything doesn’t satisfy the act of gifting. I want to give them something they can use and admire long after the holidays. One of the items that came to mind were personalized pillow covers.

This group loves home décor stuff and will love throw pillows. They’ll appreciate it even more if the pillow covers are personalized. Who doesn’t like a home décor piece with their name on it? This holiday season, I am giving the gift of handmade and personalized pillow covers. What else did you expect from a crafter?

During Black Friday, I took advantage of a great deal at Joann’s and purchased the Cricut Explore One for $150.  The regular retail price was $199. Usually I don’t make big purchases until I research and stalk the product for a while. In this case, I needed a new Cricut machine and the timing was right.  With leftover vinyl from previous craft projects, I decided to customize a few pillow covers for my friends and family.

Cricut Explore One for vinyl cuts

I’ll be honest with you. The supplies for this project was not cheap. The time and effort it took to get the designs perfect was not easy. I experienced a few trial and errors and wasted expensive materials in the process.  A part of that reason was getting used to the new machine and the Cricut design center plug-in. The degree of difficulty would be a 4 out of 5 because of the design and pre-planning needed to complete this project. Once cut, positioning the vinyl transfers and ironing it on requires technical skills as well. When using heat, it’s best to keep children completely away. It took me almost a full day to finish this project. However, the effort was worth it and I am so pleased how these turned out. Hard work pays off.

IMG_8578-3 IMG_8585-4 IMG_8586-5 IMG_8592-7 IMG_8593-8Handmade Pillow Covers with Cricut Explore One

I even made one for me. By the way, Ollie is my new semi-adopted Lhasa Apso. It’s my family of three now.

Homemade Personalized Pillow Covers

Happy holidays!


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