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A Foodie’s Guide to Ponce City Market

A Foodie’s Guide to Ponce City Market

It’s 2016! Atlanta has a new foodie hang out. It’s called Ponce City Market (PCM). Opened in late Fall of 2015, PCM offers a fun dining experience with unique food stalls, restaurants and retail stores all within an Atlanta historic landmark.

As far as I could remember, the PCM building was once Atlanta City Hall East but has had many tenants before the City of Atlanta made it’s mark. The building’s history dates as far back as the mid 1800’s when it was a garden called Ponce de Leon Springs. In the early 20th Century,  it became an amusement park with Spiller Park baseball field located across the street. After that, Sears, Roebuck & Company moved in the 1920’s turning it into a farmer’s market,  clothing factory and company regional headquarter. Clearly, this property has entertained Atlantans for nearly two centuries.

Today, it’s dubbed as the “Culinary Central for the South”.  You can still smell the old wood and industrial workmanship upon stepping foot into the eight-story newly renovated building.  Throughout the food hall are historic artifacts from the building’s past.  There are also office space and residential flats on the upper levels. The most important thing to check out when visiting Ponce City Market is the culinary experience.

Ponce City Market Atlanta IMG_8953-28 IMG_8957-29

This highly anticipated food haven is soon to become a tourist destination. The Ponce City Market Food Hall promises unique and affordable food stalls while celebrity chefs/restaurateurs offer a spin off menu of their main establishment. Unlike the average mall food court, PCM Food Hall models after some of the country’s most popular and successful eateries such as New York City’s Chelsea Market, Boston’s Quincy Market and Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Will PCM put Atlanta on the map as a foodie destination?

Ponce City Market 2016 Atlanta IMG_8962-30 IMG_8966-31

I took the liberty to see what was offered at Ponce City Market over the holiday break. With so many stalls and restaurants to try, I couldn’t complete the food tour alone. In a period of 8 days, I visited PCM three times and ate/drank at eight out of 23 establishments. The list is still growing. Let’s just say I ate at places that were appealing to me in taste, uniqueness and price. The others were either sit-down locations only or the menu didn’t look interesting. I do have some favorites though. I take comfort in knowing there will be more food stalls in the works and The Roof is the next magical attraction coming this Spring.

Hungry IMG_8977-37

Check out what I ate and how much of a budget you will need if you want to go on your own food tour at the Ponce City Market Food Hall. It’s just fun to see how many of the stalls you can try.


Restaurant | To-Go

Come here for pastas, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Quattro Formaggi which is a four cheese pasta. It’s very similar to Mac & Cheese but made for adults.  Cost $10. Cheesy goodness.

Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese Pasta)Bellina at Ponce City Market


Food Stall | Sit-Down |To-Go

Come here for Cuban style sandwiches. You have to try the Pork Belly Bun.

Pork Belly Bun $5.50 each. Died and gone to heaven.
IMG_9313-13 IMG_9317-14El Super Pan


Food Stall | Sit-Down |To-Go

Come here if you are obsessed with the H&F Burger like I am.

The H&F (Holman & Finch) Cheeseburger only is about $12.00. Double patties and cheese topped with steamed onions and sliced pickles sandwiched between H&F’s super soft bun. Super yummy!

Holman & Finch Burger at PCM IMG_8941-23


Food-Stall | To-Go

Come here for fried chicken by the pieces, chicken sandwich, chicken biscuit, sides and the option to make your chicken “HOT” Nashville style. Warning: The hot chicken is unbelievably hot as in spicy and burns you from the inside out. Good luck.

Regular chicken biscuit $4. Tastes like Chickfila.

Hop's Chicken Biscuit

Hot Chicken Sandwich $6.50 plus $3 lemonade. You’re going to need the lemonade. Maybe even a half gallon of milk to put out the fire.

Hop's Hot Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken by the bucket. Half is $9. Whole is $17. Make it hot for $0.50.

Hop's Fried Chicken


Restaurant | To-Go

Come here for Szechuan style cuisine. The menu has pictures to make your life easier and stomach hungrier.

Xiao Long Bao is about $6 an order of six. Meh. I’ve had better soup dumplings but not in Atlanta. 

Jia Xiao Long Bao


Food-Stall | To-Go

Come here for quick bites of Korean BBQ goodies, banchan toppings sandwiched between steamed buns.

Beef Bulgogi Bun $4. YUMMY! May I have another?

Beef Bulgogi Bun from Simply Seoul Kitchen

Short Ribs Bun $5. A little bland. 

Short Ribs Bun from Simply Seoul Kitchen


Coffee Stall | To-Go

Come here for fresh ground espresso, coffee, Sublime Donuts and whole leaf teas.

Iced Mocha Latte $4.50 each. Excellent!

Spiller Park Coffee

Hot Vanilla Bourbon Latte $4.50. (OK) Kid’s Hot Chocolate $3. Kid approved.


Restaurant | To-Go

Come here for coastal favorites such as lobster roll, po-boys, soups and seafood favorites.

Seafood Chowder $6 a cup. I don’t recommend this item. It taste and smells too much like straight up fish sauce.

Seafood Chowder Fish Camp

She Crab Soup $8 a cup. Very good!

She Crab Soup

Lobster roll $22. Just OK for an expensive sandwich.

Lobster Roll Fish Camp

Vietnamese Salad with fried Fish of the Day $11. Good and evil on a plate.

Crispy Vietnamese Salad with Fried Fish of the Day Fish Camp

Crab Fritters $12. Yummy! I want more.

Crab Fritters from Fish Camp

Are you hungry yet? This is the end for now. I will be back to PCM for more tastings and add to this list. Now it’s your turn to gather my info and head downtown for your own food tour with your entourage. Found somthing tasty and unforgettable at PCM?  Let me know about it in the comments below. Thanks to my family and friends for accompanying me on this food tour. Great start to a fresh 2016.

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