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Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter

As we get closer to Spring, it’s time to think about adding some greenery in and around my home. One option is to add a hanging planter to the front porch. I like to brighten up the porch with vibrant colors that welcomes my guests. Not only does this hanging planter add curb appeal, it also makes me feel at home. Bright colors = happy mood.

Planter for your house

I found this yellow planter and thought it would be eye popping to hang on the porch. I made a rope hanger that adds modernity, creativity and functionality to a hanging planter. It’s lovely, handmade and convenient. On cooler nights, I can lift the planter out of the hanger and bring it inside for warmth.

Here is how you can make your own hanging planter.

How to make a hanging planter

Supplies: Rope (20-25 feet), small planter with plants already inside, scissors, and burlap twine.


Cut the rope in half and fold them equally. Three-four inches from the folded loop, tie a tight burlap twine around the cluster of rope. Continue to loop the twine around the rope until you have an inch of twine. Tie the twine tightly to the loop and cut off the excess twine.

Hanging Planter 1

Next, tie the bottom rope clusters together the same way. This should be 10-12 inches from the bottom ends of the rope.

Hanging Planter 2

Tie the next set of rope with the twine the same way. A+B rope together and C+D rope together. Then tie A+C rope and B+D rope.

Hanging Planter AB and BC ropesHanging Planter AC and BD

When you are done, set the planter inside the hanger and the crisscrossing rope will keep the planter in place. Find a place to hang it and enjoy the beauty.

Hanging Planter 6 Hanging Planter 5 Hanging Planter 4 Hanging Planter 3

Add more hanging planters around the house. Keep it colorful or pick a theme color. Don’t forget to water the plants.

Hanging Planter for your home

Enjoy the beauty you created!


  1. so creative and nice! Thanks for sharing xoxo http://www.myinfinitystyle.com
  2. Wow, I learn something every day :) Thanks!

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