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Inspirational Wall Art

Inspirational Wall Art

My craft room is my favorite place to go for inspirations. Besides, it’s the only place in the house where I keep all my arts and craft supplies. So when I was inspired to change out the wall art in the craft room, I decided to pull together all of the past craft projects to form an inspirational wall art.

This wall is a collage of colorful and random frames, canvases, banners and paper flowers that I’ve kept in my storage closet. It’s time I take these old projects and hang it on the wall to inspire more creativity.

Giant Paper Flower

If you like the paper flowers, here are two types of flowers you can make with basic construction paper. You’ll need hot glue and scissors. Just pin this photo to your Pinterest board already.

DIY Paper Flower Pointy Tip DIY Paper Flower

The inspirational canvases were purchased at a couple of home decor stores years ago. I thought they would make a great addition to the wall. These messages have inspired me to live a fun and positive life.

Inspirational wall quotesInspirational canvas quote Wall art collage

The black chalkboard canvas was a Thanksgiving home decor piece I made last November. It was drawn freestyle using a jumbo chalk marker. The message is my motto leading into the holiday season, “Eat, Drink & Be Cozy”.

DIY Wall Art

The white and gold hanging banner is a recent project I did with some left over glitter vinyl. I’ve been addicted to this type of project from Cricut all year long. I love designing and cutting custom images and letters using iron-on vinyls. Gold glitter is my favorite. I’ve made personalized pillows as gifts for friends and family during the holidays, baby onsies which are sold on the Craft Box Girls shop and now I have an inspiring banner to remind me to stay focused while exploring new places and things.

DIY Travel Quote Banner

This is just a small glimpse into one section of my craft room.  Check out this older post when I first shared my craft room on here. It’s forever evolving just like me. One thing for sure is I like to keep my space clean, organized, equipped, color coordinated and always positive and inspiring.

IMG_2918-1 IMG_2947-11 IMG_2948-12 IMG_2949-13 IMG_2953-14

Do you have a craft room and what kind of inspirational wall art do you have?


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