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Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Some days I get so caught up in my work that I don’t have time to make dinner. Those are the days when I crave something extraordinary but fast. Thank goodness for the modern supermarket and their prepared meals.

I live near a Publix supermarket and I literally go there every other day for random groceries and prepared meals. This particular Tuesday, I wanted some fancy shmancy tacos for Taco Tuesday. Yes, I eat like that even when I am eating at home alone. At Publix, I grabbed some flour tortillas, Publix’s fresh and crispy chicken tenders, queso dip, a bag of Publix’s premium kale and broccoli stalk salad kit and a couple of ingredients to make fresh guacamole. This was going to be an awesome Taco Tuesday.

Fixing the tacos took very little time. First, I mixed the salad kit and set it aside to “soften” the kale in the dressing. Then I whipped up a quick guacamole dip. Now, just assemble everything else. Put the chicken tender on a flour tortilla, drizzle queso dip, add salad mix and top with guacamole. Ta da! Dinner is served.

Crispy Chicken Tenders for Taco Tuesday Broccoli and Kale salad in taco Taco Tuesday with chicken tender tacos Quick and creative taco dinner Fresh guacamole, salad, queso and chicken tender tacos

I’m not saying this is a healthy meal. But it sure is a vibrant, hearty and flavorful serving of soft tacos.  This is the way Taco Tuesdays are supposed to be – tasty and completely outside the box.

What was the most unique tacos you’ve ever had for Taco Tuesday?

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  1. What an awesome idea and it looks delicious!! I definitely love quick dinners!!

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