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Tribal Art Easter Eggs

Tribal Art Easter Eggs

If you are following my DIY posts on here and on Craft Box Girls, then you may notice the similarities between both sites’ DIY projects. I am obsessed with the gold, white and tribal art theme. The majority of my recent DIY projects have been centered around this trending theme. Arrows, triangles, gold and metallic makes up this tribal  theme. It’s no wonder I decided to keep the consistency going for Easter by decorating tribal art Easter eggs.

Tribal Art Easter Eggs

As an auntie to five young nephews, I’m always involved in kid-friendly activities. Every baby showers, birthdays, school projects and the knick knacks in between, count on me to craft a little something for everyone. It comes with being a craft enthusiast. I never say no. Easter is no exception.

For this year’s Big Family Easter Egg Hunt, I’m decorating tribal art on the Easter eggs. What’s a hunt without a little tribal action? I like to use real eggs for a little Easter tradition.

Tribal Tattoo for Easter Eggs Temporary Tribal Tattoos Tattoo for Easter Eggs Feather Tattoo for Easter Eggs Tribal Art for Easter Eggs

This project is super easy, affordable and clean. You will need some temporary bracelet tattoos with the metallic tribal theme. Trust me, you can find these very easily in craft stores or on Amazon. I got my set of 8 sheets on Amazon for only $10. I used mostly the bracelet pattern tattoos and a few arrows to complete this set. First, cut out the tattoos you like. Then dip a hard boiled egg into a bowl of water to wet it. Lay the tattoo art faced down on the egg. Wet thoroughly with your finger. You can see the paper fading while the tattoo clings to the egg. Wait 30 seconds then peel off the backing paper gently. Use a sponge to absorb excess water while gently pressing the tattoo on the egg. The tribal art colors pops against the white eggs. Now you have vibrant Easter eggs without the messy dying or painting. It’s so simple, cute and ultra trendy.

Tribal Easter Eggs Tribal Egg Decoration Temporary Tribal Tattoos for Easter Eggs

What is your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs?

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