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Tribal Headband For Kids

Tribal Headband For Kids

Tribal art has been my obsession lately. In fact, my last blog post was Tribal Art Easter Eggs. I also made a tribal A-line tent for a Craft Box Girls project a few months ago. You get the idea. Tribal art is trending. This time, I’m using left over tribal tattoos with gold dipped feathers to make a tribal headband for kids.


This tribal headband makes a great party theme or craft activity. You and the kids can make this for a birthday party, sleepover, camping trip, newborn shoot, or just for fun. It’s a great activity to just keep them busy and to stay creative while they are out of school.

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Here are the things you will need to make this headband.

6 inches of white canvas fabric

16 inches of thin white ribbon

tribal temporary tattoo art

three gold dipped feathers

hot glue gun





  1. Turn the front side of the feathers over and hot glue the feathers midway on the canvas fabric. You may need to cut the feather roots to shorten it.
  2. Fold the bottom canvas up to cover the feather roots and hot glue the canvas in place. This prevents scratching your kid’s forehead.
  3. Lay the white ribbon over the canvas seam. Hot glue the ribbon to hide the seam. Make sure you have equal lengths from each ends of the ribbon. This will be used to tie the headband in place.
  4. Turn the headband over to the front. Use water, sponge and tattoo to decorate the front fabric. Peel the plastic cover off the tattoo. Lay it on the canvas and dab water over the tattoo. Make sure to wet every corner of the tattoo. Use the sponge to press and soak up excess water.
  5. Peel the paper off the canvas to expose the tattoo. Continue decorating what you like on the headband. When you are done, let the headband dry before wearing it.

Attie is sporting the tribal headband and is loving it.

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  1. Finally fun play props for boys!!

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