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Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon

Over the weekend, I took a spontaneous trip to Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, GA. Providence Canyon is known as “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”. The park was 3 hours Southwest of Atlanta along the Georgia and Alabama border. The view of the fine sand canyons were spectacular. The trail was 3.5 miles. Hiking this trail was so much easier than the dreaded Bright Angel Trail in Arizona.

Bright angel trail Grand Canyon

You see, a few years ago I hiked the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail on the Southern Rim. I was unprepared for that hike. That meant I didn’t pack enough food, under estimated the difficulty of the trail and did not train for the 7 mile hike down and up the over six thousand feet high canyon. Going down the Bright Angel Trail was optional. Going up was mandatory. It was hot, long, rough and miserable. From then on, I compared every hiking trail to the Bright Angel because it kicked my butt big time and I won’t let that happen again.

IMG_4459 IMG_4463

I enjoyed Providence Canyon very much.  The elevation wasn’t as high as Bright Angel.  The hike was shaded under lots of trees. The canyon floor had a shallow river bed running though it. It was a neat trail with beautiful breath taking canyons outlining the Georgia landscape. Inside the cave-like canyon was cooler than expected. The canyon walls were made of fine sand instead of hard rocks. The State Park  does not recommend climbing the canyons because the walls will give way. People with heart conditions or limited physical conditions should not walk the trail. Going down to the canyon floor was easy but going up may be difficult. The incline up was not that bad and totally worth the visit if you asked me. People of all ages came here for the hike and extraordinary view.

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Providence Canyon is a great place to go for a day trip if you live in metro Atlanta or middle Georgia. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to hike before the park closes. It’s worth it.




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