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Donut Ice Cream

Donut Ice Cream

Summer is approaching and all I can think about are ice cream and donuts. The sweet tooth is kicking in really bad with summer knocking at our door! Wouldn’t it be great if I can combine my cravings into the ultimate dessert? If you love donuts and ice cream then you will love Donut Ice Cream!

If you can sandwich two cookies together to make a cookie ice cream then you can do it with a donut.  Meet the donut ice cream sandwich. I added sprinkles to bring on the party!

Donut Ice cream sandwich

This treat doesn’t require a recipe because it’s so easy and plain simple. Take your favorite donut and slice it in half like a hamburger. Take a generous scoop or two (or three) of your favorite ice cream flavor and sandwich it in between two donut buns. Voila! Donut Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Donut 1 Ice Cream Donut 2 Ice Cream Donut 3 IMG_4501-4

My favorite ice cream flavors are Butter Pecan and Rum Raisin. Any donut will hit the spot even the cream or jelly filled donuts. It enhances the flavor even more. This is a treat so forget the calories. You can work it off later. For now, just indulge!

Box of Ice Cream Donuts

If you are afraid of a mess, you can always serve the donut ice cream in a bowl. Good things always come in a bowl. *wink*

I like to put the extras back in the freeze. That way the donut ice creams are ready to eat straight from the freezer.

Enjoy the warm weather and the amazing donut ice cream.

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