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New York City

New York City

You know you had a great time when you are still physically recovering a week after returning from New York City.

It started as a girls’ weekend in NYC  to visit an old school friend. My girlfriends (Thao, Gaby, Kimi, and Carey) and I flew to New York City to visit Erica, an actress, model, blogger and a good friend from middle school.  We had such a great time when Erica visited us in Atlanta back in March that we needed to come see her in her wonderful city. I highly encourage you to hop on over to her blog at Yes Another to catch up on her latest travel, eats and just fun everyday happenings.

Erica Cho, Actress and Blogger

Fast forward two months later and we are in NYC to celebrate Carey’s bachelorette. I guess any excuse will do since we were going to New York already. Why not make it a big one?

Boy, did we have a fantastic weekend! We had so much fun eating, sightseeing, shopping, and did everything New Yorkers would do.  Our family friend Lany from @PJPublik joined the festivity and we all had a blast. I’ll spare the details because bachelorette trips are not meant to be shared. It was not as wild as the Hangover or Bridesmaid but it was epic enough to keep us talking for years to come.  I will share, however, what we ate and places we visited.

NYC is a walking city. I figured if I was going to eat well, I needed the walk to burn it off. It was a sacrifice I will gladly make.

New York City

Day 1

We arrived at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Once checked in, we went straight to the latest Yelp hotspot called Go Go Curry for Tonkatsu which is a crispy fried pork cutlet served on a curry gravy with shredded cabbage over Japanese rice.

Go Go Curry

After every meal, the best thing to do is to walk it off. We strolled around the Fashion District to do a little shopping.

NYC Shopping District

For dinner, we visited Kenka which is a Japanese Izakaya hot spot. This place was filled with freaky sex decors but the food was amazing and cheap! It was quite entertaining.


After dinner, we visited Milk Bar. This popular bakery served up cereal milk soft serve, crack pie, compose cookies and Bday cake truffles. Strange huh? I liked the cereal milk and crack pie. I’m not so sure about the rest.

Milk Bar

That night, we met up with Erica and Lany for drinks. I walked a total of 5.3 miles on Day 1.

Day 2

The events  from the night before had everyone sleeping in Saturday morning. I did manage to wake up at 8 AM and walked to Time Square and Grand Central Station with Gaby. We stopped at Brant Park for coffee and a Nutella waffle at Wafle and Dinges.

IMG_4773-11 IMG_4779-13 IMG_4784-16 IMG_4791-18IMG_4795-19

Later that day, we strolled through Chinatown for a Vietnamese Banh Mi at Banh Mi Saigon.

IMG_4798-22 IMG_4800-23 IMG_4807-27

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge with a thousand other people and  spent the rest of the day in Brooklyn for brunch at Heights Cafe and shopping.

IMG_4867-44 IMG_4885-50 IMG_4890-52 IMG_4892-54IMG_4907-61 IMG_4909-62 IMG_4910-63 IMG_4922-69

That evening, we had drinks at the 8th Street Wine Cellar for $20 a wine bottle during happy hour. Oh, happy hour is every day! Then, it was on to dinner at Palma. I just wanted to give a Shout Out to the staff at Palma for accommodating us and tolerating eight loud and drunk girls.  The food and service was phenomenal. We loved the Fettuccine Funghi.  You gotta see the decor there. It was romantic and gorgeous.

8th Street Wine Cellar PalmaGNOBachelorette Dinner

The rest of the night was filled with crazy giggles, shots, rice pudding, strange hugs and street side shenanigans. Carey, the bride-to-be is the gorgeous blond chic in the middle.

I walked a total of 9.7 miles on Day 2.

Day 3

It keeps getting harder and harder to wake up in the morning. We met up with our friend Annie for breakfast at Chelsea Market. I went straight for the coffee and a New York Lamb Burger. I don’t play when I’m hungry.  A hearty burger was exactly what I needed.

IMG_4957-77IMG_4964-80 IMG_4974-84 IMG_4967-81 IMG_4969-82 IMG_4970-83 IMG_4975-85 IMG_4979-86 IMG_4982-87 IMG_4983-88

We walked the High Line back to the hotel. It was a nice walk to look into people’s apartment and people watch. I guess that was the thing to do.

NYC Highline

I walked a total 4.8 miles on Day 3.

Even after 3 trips to NYC, I still feel there were way too much I still needed to see and do. I walked over  19 miles the entire weekend and ate ridiculously good food. The cocktails, shots and wine worked its way in there somewhere.  It explains why I am so sluggish a week after returning. I need a vacation from my vacation.

For more great NYC reads, visit Erica’s blog at yesanother.com.

If you love Lany’s floral top, visit her Instagram @pjpublik for more info.

These girls made the trip one of the best and epic trips ever!

Girls Trip

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