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Football Party Favors

Football Party Favors

Hey guys! It’s football season! That means we Southerners can barely contain our excitement! I am setting up my 1st and Craft Fantasy Football League and planning a few get-togethers around this exhilarating time of year. We love gathering around the game cheering for your favorite team, talking smack, snacking on game day goodies and enjoying the tailgate festivities. At the end of the day, I’m sending my friends home with some goodies hidden in these football party favors.

Football favors

Why party favors? Because I don’t want the excitement to end. You can stuff the favors with your favorite candy in your team colors or add a little note to your friends on what you predict for next week’s game. It doesn’t matter what you put inside these football party favors. What matters is to keep the excitement going!

Football Party Favors


cardstock cut in football shapes

hot glue

white yarn


hole puncher


These favors are quick and easy to make. I fired up my Cricut machine to cut out football cardstocks. Then I used a hole puncher to make the holes around the football. I weaved white yarn in and around the edges to close up the football. Don’t forget to stuff it with goodies. Decorate the football by hot gluing white yard as the laces. Display the favors on a bed of moss or turf.

IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8312

Football favors

If you are into hosting football parties, share with me your creative ideas by posting it here or tagging me on Instagram @thecraftingboard.

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