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Leafy Paper Swag

Leafy Paper Swag

Hey crafters! Do you know what a swag is? No, it is not the way you dress, walk or present yourself according to millennials. In terms of home decor, a swag is a bundle of draping floral ornament hang on a front door or window. A swag is a great alternative to a wreath.

I love changing out my front door as the season changes. Unfortunately, silk floral swags are so freaking expensive. I give myself a small budget to dress up the front porch but I don’t want to spend it all on one door swag. So what I came up is this budget friendly fall leafy paper swag.

Leafy Paper Swag for the front door

Leafy Paper Swag

20 sheets of scrapbook paper
burlap ribbon
mini clothes pin clips
How to make a Leafy Paper Swag
I’d wait until there is a scrapbook paper sale at Joann’s Fabric and Crafts so you can start on this project. You will need at least 20 sheets of fall inspired scrapbook paper. If you don’t have a fancy paper cutting machine, that’s OK. Print, cut and trace a silhouette of a leaf onto the scrapbook paper. Take your time cutting out the leaves.
Fall paper leaves
Cluster the leaves together three at a time with twine. This saves you from using too many clothes pins. It also adds volume to the swag. Clip the clusters of leaves to the burlap ribbons using a mini clothes pin. Bundle the leaves heavy on the top and fewer as it cascades downward. Use the remaining burlap ribbon to tie a bow to the top of the swag. Hang it on the front door and enjoy the scene.
Fall inspired door swag
Note: I chose scrapbook paper because it’s thicker and glossier then regular construction paper in order to withstand  the weather.
DIY Fall Door Swag
Tag me on social media @thecraftingboard if you have a DIY fall home decor you want to share. I’d love to check it out!

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