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Ombre Candle Jars

Ombre Candle Jars

Ombre-Ace the Dollar Store Candles

I am so proud of myself for this next craft project. It did not cost me anything. Well, it did at one point but scavenging leftover supplies in my garage is pretty much a freebee. I was able to dig up old Dollar Store candles from who-knows when. The jars were in great shape and the candles were still full. I thought these would be great for a tablescape centerpiece for a backyard dinner party happening this weekend. These candles just need a little paint and it’s good as new. I turned them into ombre candle jars.

Dollar Store Candle Jars for DIYDollar Store Candle Jars turned Ombre with spray paint

I have a shelf full of leftover spray paint cans in the garage. It took me half a minute to dig through the color selection and out comes Kylon’s Glossy White, Watermelon, Mambo Pink, Sea Foam and some no-name brand Spring Green. That is enough for a tri-color ombre.

How to spray paint ombre candle jars

The candle jars were clean so there were little prep work to be done. I set up my work station in the back yard and began spray painting the ombre candle jars.

Here are the supplies:

Dollar Store Candle Jars

At least three color spray paint cans

Paper or cardboard box to cover work area

A piece of cardboard


  1. To get the tri-color layering look, start at the top of the jar with white paint. Turn the jar and keep spraying until the paint covers the upper section of the jar. TIP: Spray close for fuller color. Spray far for a blended transition look.
  2. Cover the white paint with the cardboard 3-5 inches away from the candle jar. Spray the middle section of the jar with a medium color. Turn the jar and cover the entire middle section all around. Spray closer as you get closer to the bottom of the jar.
  3. Cover the middle section’s end with the cardboard and spray the darkest of the color. Turn and cover the entire bottom section of the jar.
  4. Let it dry.

There’s A Video for That

Once these ombre candle jars were dry, I gathered old silk flowers and leaves from the craft room closet and assembled a fun tablescape. I started with a moss runner. Then added leaves as greenery and even a flower just because I had it. Finally, I spread the ombre candle jars out on the runner. When the sun sets, I can light the candles for a fun evening ambiance. It’s going to be great.

How to spray paint ombre candle jars

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