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Floral Lantern Centerpiece

Floral Lantern Centerpiece

Lanterns For The Holidays

I love holiday dinners and get-togethers. ]I see my family and friends often, but there’s an extra je ne sais quoi around the holidays that makes celebratory dinners a little warmer. Perhaps it’s the fine food we serve or the long but fun prep time we put into handcrafting each recipe for that special meal. Of course, the aroma of fresh cut cinnamon and oven-baked rolls always draw me in.  Some could say the holiday warmth comes from the finishing touches that greets you at the front door to the festive tablescape filled with fresh seasonal floral arrangements. I agree to all of that. That is why this holiday, I’m pulling a Martha Stewart and incorporating festive lanterns into the fall floral centerpiece.

Lantern centerpiece Fall Floral centerpiece Supplies for Floral Lantern

Lanterns are not just an outdoor summer décor anymore. Incorporate lanterns into a luscious tablescape filled with fall props like rustic leaves, pumpkins and gourds. A full tablescape is great for a buffet table. However, my family dinner table needs plenty of room for real food. That is why I like to keep the tablescape minimal but festive.

Fall Centerpiece

The color this year is purple and gold. I think a deep red with violet flowers incorporated with some fall essentials will make the floral lantern centerpiece a success. I’ll pair it with gold chargers and marigold polka dotted napkins. Here is my inspiration coming to life.


fresh flowers

small lantern with bracket





  1. Trim flowers with the scissors.
  2. Place the bracket inside the lantern.
  3. Place the glass in the lantern and fill it halfway with water.
  4. Raise the brackets and lock it in the lantern.
  5. Fill the glass with flowers.
  6. Place the floral lantern centerpiece on the table and enjoy.

If you want to see more tablescape inspirations, check out this one I did on Craft Box Girls.

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