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Photo Puzzle Cubes

Photo Puzzle Cubes

Photo Puzzle Cubes

My sisters and I would spend endless hours with Super Dad putting the 1000 + puzzle pieces together when we were kids. We’d start on a Friday night and continue working on the puzzle a little at a time. We were obsessed with getting it done. We stayed up late on a school night to finish the puzzles. It’s something I still like to do today.

I thought my next DIY craft could be about puzzles. This makes a great party favor or gift in general. These photo puzzle cubes can be easy or challenging depending on how you make it. I recommend the easier method if you are gifting this to children. If this puzzle is for adults, make it six times harder by pasting a photo on all sides of the cube. The results will surprise them.

DIY photo puzzle gift

supplies for DIY puzzle cubes

How to a Make Puzzle Set

Wooden cubes to make a 3.5 x  3.5 square

1-6 photos (3.5 x 3.5 inches)






  1. Line the wooden cubes to make a square. My cubes are 1 cm around.
  2. Cut photo to desired dimensions (3.5 x 3.5). Here is a tip. Use the ruler to mark your measurement. Number each square and then cut them out. Number the squares to help determine where the photo pieces will go.
  3. Glue the photo pieces to the wooden cube. If you are making a challenging puzzle set, use 6 photos and cut it up to fill each sides of the cube.
  4. Let the glue dry. Store the puzzle pieces in a mason jar with a gift tag attached.

Watch this video on how to craft your own Photo Puzzle Cubes.

This project makes a wonderful party favor for weddings and showers. Kids can make this for a parent or grandparent’s birthday or even a holiday gift. Share with your friends!



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