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Christmas Caribbean Cruise

Christmas Caribbean Cruise

Christmas in the Caribbean

December was such a busy month. A break was just want I needed. I went on a Christmas Caribbean cruise with my family this year. We decided to escape the winter by sailing across the Caribbean to relax on the beach.

We took a seven day cruise out of Miami on December 23rd. The ship was the MSC Divina. We stopped at four ports – Ocho Rios, Georgetown, Cozumel and Nassau. The weather was great. I enjoyed the cruise. My family may not feel the same.

1st Day: Attie got sick.

2nd Day: Tram got sick.

3rd Day: Mom got sick.

4th Day: Chia and Kinh got sick.

5th Day: Jackson got sick.

Over half of my family was not feeling so great. I spent the days resting by the pool. At port, I got to experience Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico and Bahamas like a tourist.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

img_3203 img_3213 img_3239 img_3242 img_3247 img_3290

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

img_3406 img_3435

Cozumel, Mexico

img_3456 img_3466

Nassau, Bahamas

img_3527 img_3541 img_3560 img_3579 img_3598

Here’s a video to recap it all.

The Cruise Ship

MSC is an Italian cruise liner that stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company. They are popular in Europe. MSC started sailing out of Miami to the Caribbean about 4 years ago. MSC Divina carries about 2,0o0 guests. Most of the rooms are spacious and have a balcony. I thought the price was affordable. We paid $900 (tax included) per person for a seven day trip.

Food on-board was fantastic! I love Italian food and that was the highlight of my trip. They have the best brick-oven pizza (Neapolitan style). I ate pizza every day. There were a variety of pastas, daily specials, cured meats, salads, fresh baked bread, pastries, fresh fruit, deli sandwiches and the basic burgers and hot dogs. Fabulous food the buffet and in the dining room. I ate my favorite meals such as lobster, filet mignon, duck, escargot, beef Wellington, scallop and jumbo shrimp. It’s all I ever asked for on a cruise.

img_3378 img_3380 img_3392img_3150img_3183img_3192img_2872

The staterooms and dining was excellent. The service and people were not. Honestly, Europeans don’t wait in line!  Someone always cut me at the buffet, coffee bar, regular bar and ice cream bar. They do it in the most obvious way! Even opening the door was a problem. I opened the door for a gentleman. How odd is that? That’s typical European etiquette. Beware Americans!

The only thing I didn’t like about MSC is the staff. I thought they were stuck-up! The waiters and servers at the bars don’t come to you for orders, you come to them! I got frustrated many times waiting on a cocktail order that I just walked off. Luckily they don’t  have to work for tip. There is a mandatory $12 service fee per day.

The cruise activities were fun. I played a little trivia and won a wide brim visor. I must have been the only person playing becuase I got 6 out of 20 questions right.


This Christmas trip was a great experience. I love cruises and would go on MSC again. I’m well relaxed and all charged up for 2017.

Happy New Year!



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