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Winter House Socks

Winter House Socks

Cold Feet

Winter is here my friends and my feet are cold! The cold tiles and hardwood flooring in my house makes wearing socks a challenge. I’d slip, slide and fall all the time. House slippers are bulky and annoying to wear in bed. I need some warm and versatile wool socks to get me through this winter.  The solution to my problem is to have plenty of winter house socks with traction to avoid an accident.  (I’m pretty clumsy.) Here’s another fun and affordable DIY project I created for winter. Adding a little winter design on the socks doesn’t hurt anyone.

How to make Winter House Socks


pair or wool socks

snow flake stamp

fabric paint

foam brush

hot glue

strip of cardboard


  1. Slide cardboard into a sock.
  2. Dab the stamp with fabric paint using a foam brush.
  3. Press the stamp firmly onto the wool sock. Repeat on the other sock.
  4. Heat set the paint in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat.
  5. Slip cardboard back in the sock.
  6. Draw lines on the bottom of the sock with hot glue. Repeat on the other sock.

img_2028 img_2030 img_2033 img_2038

The hot glue serves as traction for the house socks.  This is very helpful when I’m moving fast throughout the house.  It does take a while to get used to the glue lines at the bottom of your feet. This easy and affordable non-slip house socks are great for kids too. Make yourself a pair of these ASAP!

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