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National DIY Day

National DIY Day

Wall Inspiration

Did you know National DIY Day is April 2nd? The whole month of April is also DIY month. Since I am a resident blogger at Craft Box Girls, founder of National DIY Day, I am giving this huge holiday a major shout-out!

To celebrate, I am channeling my inner spirit animal by crafting something uniquely me. My spirit animal is a phoenix which represents strength, resilience, and power. It’s the perfect idea for a fun wall inspiration.

I decided that sculpting phoenix wings out of clay would be a pretty cool project. I also asked my talented friend, Luke to write an inspiring quote that represents me. The sculpted wings and Luke’s quote fit perfectly together to create this inspiring phoenix wings canvas art display.


molding clay (3 colors)

X-Acto knife


12×12 canvas

hot glue

brush pen



  1. Break off a piece of the molding clay.
  2. Roll the long strip of clay into a log.
  3. Use the X-acto knife to cut a thin and diagonal piece of clay.
  4. Flatten the clay to an oval shape. Continue to do this for all three colors. Make about 5-10 pieces for each color clay.
  5. Lay the pieces to shape a set of wings.
  6. Use the needle to draw wing texture on each oval piece.
  7. Cure the wings by baking it in the oven for 25 minutes at 250 degree Fahrenheit. Let it cool when done baking.
  8. Use a brush pen to write the quote on the canvas. (I’m still working on my  lettering.)
  9. Hot glue the wings to the canvas. Let it cool and your masterpiece is ready for display.

IMG_5080 IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086


Now that my DIY Day project is done, it’s time you start on yours. Share your DIY projects with me by tagging @the-crafting_board on social media. How will you celebrate National DIY Day?

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