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About Me

Chan Vu Blogger, Influencer

Hey guys!

Welcome to The Crafting Board. TCB is a collection of all things crafty that I made over the years.  The collection includes recipes, crafts, travel and fun posts. Each post has a story mostly inspired by something or someone in my life. I share these stories to inspire you to live a smart, positive and happy lifestyle.

About Me

I’m Vietnamese-born but American-raised. I grew up in the South where the teas are sweet and the pies are even sweeter. I’m a free-lance lifestyle photographer and founder of CapturingConfetti.com.  I’m also a blogger and Director of Content for Craft Box Girls. I love to travel and enjoy learning about food and culture. You will see that it reflects in my recipes and way of life. My life goal is to travel, eat well and take plenty of photos.

As you browse through The Crafting Board, please feel free to comment or connect with me via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

Eat good, craft smart and live well.


Chan Vu

“Today is the day. Live your life with abandon. Be encourages and wild at heart. Be your own hero. Follow your dreams. Fall in love. Be good to yourself. Be generous and truthful. Inspire someone. Embrace new possibilities. Be Brave. Surround yourself with love, laughter and truth. Learn something new everyday. Take chances. Create happiness. Laugh often. Discover your gifts and use them wisely. Enjoy the little things. Be gracious and kind. This is your life…Make it beautiful.” -Unknown


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